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Joy and I

  • Rolly at Yaquina Head Lighthouse

  • Rolly

I am fortunate in many ways. I live in the wonderfully scenic area of Newport, Oregon with Joy whom I love and who supports my interest in photography. Without her strong influence and urging I might not have found the courage to share these photographs. I am uncomfortable showing the results of an effort that is not perfect according to my standards. Of course, nothing can ever meet the standard because I have been inculcated with the belief that any effort could have been better. This philosophy taken to an extreme leads to nothing ever finished or produced. Joy has urged me to accept my present work so that I can move forward to capturing additional experiences that I want to remember. She is correct, so I share these photographs.

There is much compelling research and experience demonstrating that each of us will experience an event or place in a unique way. We very well may observe the same scene but remember the details differently.

I have poor vision and my memory says that this has always been the case. For me the distant world is one of elusive detail. My camera captures what I otherwise could not enjoy. I am presenting with my reproductions of subjects interesting to me - my impressions - my expressions of what is generally labeled reality. I remember a quote from a teller of myths: “ I will tell you a story - it never happened - but, it is true”. My photographs are not exact representations of what happened or how things looked - but the photographs presented here are exactly what I saw and remember.

At the heart of it all, 'Expressions of Being' is my attempt to use photography as a medium to give voice to those aspects of myself that are difficult to verbalize.  The beauty I observe through the lens I transcribe in ways that reveal something of my being that I want to communicate.  It pleases me to think that others with a sensitive, inquiring and perceptive approach to viewing these photographs may discover something significant about the core aspects of their being. A grand hope to be sure, but whatever is revealed or emotion evoked, I sincerely appreciate your interest.