My first trip to a country not on the American Continent was to Japan. My son Cloyce, who speaks Japanese, made sure I did not get lost or eat something that would cause a sensation in the eating establishment - or afterward. I know how it feels to not be able to read signs. Again, he made sure I did not embarrass anyone - at least no one screamed. It was a fantastic trip. I had a very unexpected and intense emotional reaction while in Hiroshima near the place where the first atomic bomb exploded. I do not criticize or second guess the decisions made to end the war - in fact as far as I know this may have been the most humane way to end the war. However, as I mingled among the population and considered the human characteristics common to us all, I felt an intense discomfort thinking how it was on that Sunday morning that, absolutely without warning so many people of all ages and occupations - so many dreams of a better time were terminated.